Biological material management

Manage all your biomaterials in one place with TeselaGen’s high-quality LIMS software. The system is designed to provide robust data integrity and management solutions for DNA, Oligos, Strains, Proteins, Enzymes, Reagents, and other configurable domain-specific biomaterial types. The strain library has been enhanced to include information about the individual plasmids the strain may have been modified to carry, as well as information about physical aliquotes such as location, volume, and concentration. The system also includes built-in provenance for physical strains resulting from a synthetic biology workflow, including the parent strain and the DNA design used to generate them. Accommodate inventory management tasks such as recording and displaying locations and contents for samples contained in plates/wells, tubes, and trays as well as laboratory equipment. With TeselaGen’s LIMS system, you can have confidence in the management and organization of your biomaterials.

Inventory Management

Freezer Management: We support partially or fully automated freezer management through our lab automation and lab management software. Place plates and tubes into any configured freezer manually, or use an automated placement strategy that finds a location for you. Our API and integration tooling allows you to interface with existing management systems, automated freezer systems, alarms, and environmental management systems, etc. Our laboratory information management system also includes Barcoding Support, which automatically generates barcodes and their corresponding labels, to track items in your inventory.

“TeselaGen has demonstrated a robust, scalable, and easy-to-use platform that we can trust as a cornerstone of our DNA manufacturing processes.”
George McArthur
George McArthur
Head of Product, Ansa Biotechnologies


Check if the material you need to use is manufacturable by validating against corresponding synthesis rules. Estimate the cost of ordering your molecules or reagents within our BioShop. Our platform allows you to generate order forms for synthesizing DNA molecules without leaving the platform.

Exerimental workflows

A LIMS ideal for simple or high-throughput workflows. With a focus on data integrity, our laboratory information system is designed to provide robust management and automation solutions for your lab. Access to fundamental ‘atomic’ level actions or steps that cover the most common lab protocols, and by using our user-friendly workflow manager, you can knit the right set of atomic steps together to express just about any workflow imaginable. Our LIMS software is fully integrated with lab automation systems, allowing for seamless automation of your laboratory workflows, making it an ideal solution for both small and large-scale operations. With the ability to automate lab protocols, the system helps to ensure consistency and accuracy, improving lab efficiency and productivity.

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