It all starts with DNA. TeselaGen has built the DESIGN module from the ground up to handle everything from 100% accurate traditional cloning tasks for individual researchers, to the most advanced large scale combinatorial and hierarchical DNA designs for industrial biotech and biopharma companies that use state-of-art synthetic biology approaches for product development. Because we help you design digitally, you have all the information you need to build your modified cells either by hand or via direct hand-off to automation.


Grab protocols from DESIGN and execute them at lightning speed with a fully integrated laboratory management system that knows how to talk to you and your robots. Slide into the world of automation at your own pace. The BUILD module orchestrates workflows, hands off to automation, manages samples, freezers and inventory, coordinates DNA inventory and purchasing, guides QA/QC via Sanger or NexGen sequencing, and keeps track of everything you need to apply machine learning to optimizing your product. Common tasks include: PCR Prep and Execution Assembly Reaction Prep and Execution Clonal Transformation DNA Ordering Plate Registration, Barcoding, Reformatting, Rehydration, Replication, Consolidation, Combination Colony Plating Reaction Mapping, Fermentation management, among many others.
The BUILD module sample management system can accommodate any type of biomaterial: DNA, oligos, strains, microbial materials, aliquots, proteins, enzymes and reagents and any other configurable domain specific bio material type. The system also accommodates inventory management tasks such as recording and displaying locations and contents for samples contained in plates/wells, tubes and trays as well as laboratory equipment.
The BUILD module makes automation easy by translating workflow steps into worklists that can be interpreted by automation equipment; We support Beckman, HiRes, Tecan, Hamilton, Eppendorf, SPT Labtech, Sartorius, Singer, Thermo Fisher, Agilent, and many others.

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