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It all starts with DNA

TeselaGen’s biotechnology software provides a comprehensive suite of tools for DNA design, assembly, management, and experimental workflows. The software allows users to handle traditional cloning tasks as well as advanced combinatorial DNA designs.

Screenshot of a combinatorial Golden Gate in TeselaGen's design editor.

The automatic protocol generation to assemble large libraries includes validation to ensure appropriate flanking digest sites for sourced parts, generation of optimized build instructions and automated DNA assembly warnings and errors are provided to streamline the process.

The powerful Design Editor enables the creation of simple constructs and combinatorial libraries, making it particularly useful for modern DNA assembly strategies like Gibson, Golden Gate, MoClo, USER and more.

TeselaGen's assembly report view showing a low priority warning.

The Intuitive Vector Editor allows for visual editing and annotation of DNA and protein sequences, along with managing restriction enzymes and their cut sites.

Lab automation that works for you and your team

TeselaGen’s software includes inventory and biological material management capabilities, allowing for efficient freezer management with manual or automated placement strategies and management of DNA, oligos, strains, proteins and enzymes. It enables inventory management tasks, such as recording locations and contents for samples, as well as strain provenance. It integrates with existing management systems, automated freezer systems and any third-parties, including popular ELNs. Barcoding support is included to track items in inventory.

Build Module
Managing samples in a 96-well plate on the TeselaGen's LIMS system (Build module).

For experimental workflows, the software offers an ideal LIMS solution for both simple and high-throughput processes. It ensures data integrity and provides automation solutions for laboratories. Users can access fundamental atomic-level actions or steps covering common lab protocols and utilize the user-friendly workflow manager to create custom workflows. Integration with lab automation systems facilitates seamless automation of laboratory processes, enhancing consistency, accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

A clean, well lighted place for your data and analysis

Acquire data from all your sources and bring it together, transformed and ready for analysis. No need to worry about different formats and units. TeselaGen’s easy to use parsing and reformatting makes standardizing data fast and scalable.

TeselaGen is powered by the Synthetic Evolution® machine learning engine. Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform understands your data and helps you converge 10x faster.

TeselaGen's Bioshop: One stop for all your DNA needs

An example of scoring and ordering on TeselaGen's Bioshop

Check if the material you need to use is manufacturable by validating against corresponding synthesis rules. Estimate the cost of ordering your molecules or reagents within our BioShop. Our platform allows you to generate order forms with vendors like Twist and IDT for synthesizing DNA molecules without leaving the platform.

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Compliant with ISO 27001 on network security, data encryption, and availability

What our customers are saying

“TeselaGen speeds up so many of our processes. The interface is easy to use. The crew is so responsive. We couldn’t find anything better.”
Sarah Richardson
CEO, Microbyre
“Improvements in automation and software – and integrating it all together – allow us to bring the cost barrier down towards executing our ideas. So, we’re no longer limited by cost; we’re just limited by creativity.”
Michael Magaraci
Director of Platform, Protein Evolution
“Automated biological design is an essential foundation for our carbon recycling technology and TeselaGen has a reliable platform for modern industrial DNA design and cloning.”
Michael Koepke
Dr. Michael Köpke
Vice President Synthetic Biology, LanzaTech
“We love the interaction between Twist and TeselaGen. Together we get speed, lower cost, integration, and security. At the end you get a much lower cost per data point which enables you to do more biology and more science, and ultimately get a better outcome.”
Emily Leproust
Emily Leproust
CEO, Twist Bioscience

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