Our increasing population, coupled with major challenges that our planet is facing, such as climate change and the decrease of our finite resources, continue to demand an increase in crop yields and resources. The need for robust, predictable and rapid engineering of plant systems is well aligned with our core capabilities.

Plant-based bioproduct design

Plants are the source of a plethora of high value compounds, such as medicines, flavourings, and oils. Use our platform to design your experiments, shuffle genes in a rapid and easy manner, and screen multiple combinations to optimize for a specific product or outcome.
About 50% of the annual increase in productivity in crops and livestock to date is estimated to have been driven by enhanced genetics. Optimize crops for tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, to produce high yields even under weak environmental conditions and to make them sustainable to grow even under lower inputs of fertilizer.

Crop robustness optimization

Functional food design and optimization

Metabolic engineering of traditional seed crops (such as canola) with genes to improve the nutritional quality of fatty acids have shown to improve the nutritional qualities of harvested oils. Use our platform to improve the nutritional value of foods, for example, through the rewiring of metabolic pathways that could increase the accumulation of specific compounds with nutritional and health-promoting activity.

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