About Us

Large companies that participate in the bio-economy are replacing traditional technologies with modern design automation and high-throughput techniques. This modern approach coupled with machine learning has opened the door for a radical transformation of biology and a rapid expansion of potential applications. This increased demand requires a secure, scalable, interoperable, protocol-driven platform that can span multiple users working on multiple projects across sometimes large, geographically distributed organizations. These new approaches are pushing companies to update their product development methods and IP strategies to maintain their lead and competitive advantage. 

TeselaGen is deploying the first solution that incorporates state of the art design automation technology for biotechnology as a secure enterprise operating system. We make the development of bio-based products faster and easier. We provide a highly secure enterprise software platform that our customers can use right away, instead of spending millions to develop it themselves. 

By working with TeselaGen, you replace costly and time-consuming traditional methods for development of biotech products in pharma, ag-tech, and industrial biotech with a data driven platform that enables the development of new high-performance bioproducts faster than ever before. For example, Protein Evolution has used the TeselaGen platform to develop enzymes that can transform polyester waste into a reusable resource, significantly saving them years of development time. Lanzatech uses our platform to accelerate and enhance their success rate of complex biological designs and combinatorial assemblies , while Microbyre is establishing new model organisms for fermentation by creating a high-throughput prokaryotic phenotyping and domestication pipeline, and is using  our capabilities to developing and troubleshooting plasmid designs and re-cloning, bringing down costs on R&D.

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