Plasmid and Vector Editor and Visualizer

With TeselaGen’s modern vector editor you can visually edit and annotate DNA and protein sequences, create reusable design parts based on sequences and manage restriction enzymes and visualize their cut sites.

Vector Editor included in TeselaGen Community Edition, Starter Edition and Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition
Submit for Assembly

Automatic Protocol Generation

The TeselaGen Community Edition supports modern DNA assembly protocols such as Gibson, Golden Gate, MoClo, USER, PCR, and others and can automatically generate protocols for a vector construct. The interface automatically adds validation to ensure that parts are sourced with the appropriate flanking digest sites, if necessary. Automatically generate build instructions optimized for cost and speed. Get automated DNA assembly warnings and errors


Reduced Time for Assembly Protocol Generation

All-in-One suite for Bio-Design

“Some of the PhD students who help in the class are introduced to TeselaGen software and they are like, oh wow, this is really cool. They like the notion that you can select a cloning strategy, push a button and get instructions. Once you get into it, it’s a pretty powerful tool.”
Dr. Joshua Heazlewood
Ph.D, Professor University of Melbourne

Online Sequence Library

The libraries built and generated inside the TeselaGen Community Edition securely hold all of your essential biological information.

Primer Designing and Tm Calculation

Check if the material you need to use is manufacturable, estimate the cost of ordering your molecules or reagents and generate order forms for synthesizing DNA molecules, all without leaving the platform.

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