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Integration with Twist and LabCyte

Learn how Arzeda leveraged technology from TeselaGen, Labcyte and Twist Bioscience to accelerate their synthetic biology workflow and build a better DNA assembly line. The integrated solution speeds up the workflow, reduces errors and overall cost. Equally important, rather than hiring a large team to design and implement this platform, it’s a plug-and-play solution that Arzeda got up and running in around two weeks.

Platform Brochures

The Operating System for Biotechnology

Get a general overview about our software and artificial intelligence platform and how it is opening the door for a radical transformation of biology and chemistry, enabling rapid expansion of potential applications across multiple industries.

Biological Data Management

Learn how our biological data depot, powered by customizable parsers, can help you ingest, organize, standardize and visualize your datasets, making them ready for analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning. 

Biological Discovery

Learn how you can combine data with artificial intelligence to understand biology, leading to new, high performance bio-based products faster than ever before. TeselaGen allows you to converge on an optimal product faster than ever before.

Biological Product Optimization

Learn how you can use artificial intelligence to optimize a number of biological products, including biologics, antibodies, enzymes, and metabolites. Optimize for productivity, titer, affinity, and a number of other phenotypes of interest.

Designing DNA and Protein

Learn about how our platform can help you design complex libraries that can get built quickly in the lab. From DNA to protein design, we offer the most advanced combinatorial and hierarchical designs tools available in the market.


Learn about TeselaGen’s interoperability attributes and how our platform can interface with a number of external systems, including databases, external software tools, and services. This is all possible through a number of powerful features.

Lab Automation

Learn about our lab automation capabilities for generating automated instructions to interface with your liquid handling equipment, automating the execution of workflows, and automating the generation of reports after your experiments are run. 

Lab Information Management

Learn about our Lab Information Management (LIMS) capabilities for defining and executing your experimental workflows, managing and sourcing your biological material, interfacing with external suppliers, and managing your inventory.

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