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Sarah Richardson

A Conversation with Sarah Richardson – the “Germ Wrangler” (Part I)

MicroByre is domesticating organisms to become model species capable of addressing some of society’s most intractable problems – think climate change, to start. It’s doing so, in part, by breaking down barriers between disciplines and even industries, blending the brains, the skills and the technologies of geneticists and microbiologists and informaticians and chemists and bioengineers and data scientists – and let’s not forget the Lab Bots. 

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A conversation with Keith Wilson, CEO of Nalo Therapeutics

If you want to get a sense of the challenges of creating biologics, ask Keith Wilson. He has spent his biopharma career trying to get large molecules to market in one fashion or another, as a scientist and in other roles in early research, drug discovery, target discovery and through clinical trials.

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Bioproducts fermentation

Optimizing Fermentation

We at TeselaGen are great fans of fermentation. Today, most people in the biotech industry associate fermentation with pharmaceuticals; yeast has been used to develop insulin, HPV vaccine and increasingly antibodies to fight cancer. What many people may not realize is that fermentation is fundamental to innovations in industrial biotechnology – from clean biofuels to eco-friendly cosmetics and green detergents, from bio-based tires to sustainable foam for furniture.

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Welcome to Teselagen Bytes!

Did you know that biotech companies spend north of $1 billion dollars to get a single drug to market? You probably did. Because if you’re here, you’ve likely already experienced how difficult it can be – and how long it can take – to move a brilliant idea from the back of a napkin and onto the shelf, be it a biotech drug, a green detergent or a pest-resistant crop. You know the challenges of sharing your data, and the frustrations of time-consuming manual workflows and error-prone experiments.

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