Selected Testimonials

Emily Leproust

Emily Leproust, CEO, Twist Bioscience

“We love the interaction between Twist and TeselaGen. Together we get speed, lower cost, integration, and security. At the end you get a much lower cost per data point which enables you to do more biology and more science, and ultimately get a better outcome.”

Vikram Pandit, CEO, Phycus Biotechnologies

Vikram Pandit, CEO, Phycus Biotechnologies

“Like many other companies developing specialty chemicals, we struggle with disconnected data that is in disparate formats and difficult to analyze, particularly as we scale up. TeselaGen’s expertise and experience working with companies to optimize their fermentation scale-up make the company an ideal partner.”

Michael Koepke

Michael Köpke, VP Synthetic Biology, LanzaTech

“The modular private-cloud approach of TeselaGen will work well with our current systems and will accelerate our discovery efforts for sustainable chemicals production. This collaboration will emphasize not only our current capabilities but will advance analytic approaches dictated by our datasets, moving us closer to a carbon smart future!”

Daniel Arlow, CEO at Ansa Biotechnologies

“We believe in partnering with best-in-class service providers that are aligned with our mission to accelerate biotech research and development.”

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson, CEO, Microbyre

“TeselaGen speeds up so many of our processes. The interface is easy to use. The crew is so responsive. We couldn’t find anything better.”

Hector Garcia Martin

Hector Garcia Martin, Computational Biologist Staff Scientist, Berkeley Lab

“Biology has changed radically in the past two decades, growing from a descriptive discipline into a predictive science. With TeselaGen, we will be testing and perfecting the tools that enable collecting the large amounts of multimodal data needed to optimize the production of various renewable bioproducts.”

Alexandre Zanghellini

Alexandre Zanghellini, CEO, Arzeda

“TeselaGen’s industry-leading software tools complement our own technology stack. With the deployment of TeselaGen’s software tools at Arzeda, we will improve our protein design pipeline throughput and implement our computationally designed enzymes and metabolic pathways more efficiently.”

Deepti Tanjore

Deepti Tanjore, Director at ABPDU

We’re looking forward to working with TeselaGen to streamline the information flow throughout fermentation processing, which will help our partners accelerate time to market for their innovative products.

George McArthur

George McArthur, Head of Product, Ansa Biotechnologies

“TeselaGen has demonstrated a robust, scalable, and easy-to-use platform that we can trust as a cornerstone of our DNA manufacturing processes.”

Christian Schaub

Christian Schaub, CEO, Redbiotec

“TeselaGen’s experience and capabilities in automated DNA design are very important to us. TeselaGen is at the leading edge in terms of creating bio design technology that talks directly to high-throughput bio-production.”

Daniel R Kittle

Daniel R. Kittle, VP R&D, Dow AgroSciences

“TeselaGen has created a powerful suite of tools for DNA design. These tools have the potential to accelerate our discovery efforts focused on providing sustainable solutions to help feed the growing world.”

Mark Burk

Mark Burk, CTO, Genomatica

“TeselaGen’s technology is enhancing our capability in recombinant DNA engineering to develop microbial strains that produce bio-based chemicals from sustainable sources, such as sugar.”

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