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TeselaGen Announces Spin-Off, Built Biotechnologies, Aims to Advance DNA Manufacturing

TeselaGen Biotechnology, Inc., a leader in biological design and process automation, has announced the launch of its spin-off, Built Biotechnologies, Inc., to revolutionize DNA manufacturing. Specializing in advanced DNA workflows crucial for cell and gene therapies and other biotech sectors, Built addresses the challenge of constructing complex DNA molecules, essential for advancing synthetic biology.

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TeselaGen Receives Two New Patents for Using Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Biotech Product Development

TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc. announces the acquisition of two cutting-edge patents that advance AI-driven optimization of biological phenotypes. These additions fortify the company’s intellectual property, emphasizing its dedication to revolutionizing the biotech industry. CEO Eduardo Abeliuk states that these patents mark a significant milestone for TeselaGen, highlighting the role of AI in streamlining biotech product development. The company’s collaborations with pioneering biotech firms underscore its commitment to innovation and industry advancement.

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TeselaGen Helps Early-Stage BioTech Startups Scale Faster and More Efficiently with Its Starter Edition

“TeselaGen has saved us countless hours throughout our DNA assembly design process and enabled us to perform high-throughput DNA library construction. In addition, their user interface is intuitive, and their customer support has been exceptional. We have been able to make it easy for us to train new team members and get them using the software productively,” added Kobe Rogers, COO of Ourobio.

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TeselaGen Secures Contract from BioMADE to Accelerate US Biomanufacturing with Advanced Informatics and Artificial Intelligence

TeselaGen Biotechnology announced today a two-year contract with BioMADE, the Department of Defense-sponsored bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute, to improve the informatics infrastructure around fermentation-based biomanufacturing. As part of this collaboration, TeselaGen will develop novel technologies that standardize data exchange, connect disparate software systems, and establish secure protocols to facilitate collaboration on AI-enabled projects.

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TeselaGen Biotechnology Teams Up with iGEM to Advance Synthetic Biology in Developing Countries

TeselaGen Biotechnology announced today that it has partnered with the iGEM Foundation to support the iGEM Design League, a new competition that aims to advance synthetic biology, starting with Latin America. As part of the collaboration, students will have access to the TeselaGen® operating system for biotechnology to design projects that solve critical local problems using synthetic biology. 

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