TeselaGen Helps Early-Stage BioTech Startups Scale Faster and More Efficiently with Its Starter Edition

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Patented biotech R&D and manufacturing operating system offers a streamlined way for startups to scale

TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc., the company developing the AI-enabled Operating System for Biotechnology R&D and Manufacturing, announces the launch of its Starter Edition, a version of its software platform to support innovative early-stage biotech startups that are ready to scale.

Early adopters include Ourobio, a startup using synthetic biology to help create the circular economy. The Starter Edition provides Ourobio with a cost-effective and user-friendly platform to streamline their current laboratory processes while setting them up for scaling R&D efforts with TeselaGen’s more comprehensive Enterprise Edition when the time is right.

“As a lean, early-stage company, Ourobio must be as capital-efficient as we can. TeselaGen’s Starter Edition gives us access to incredible functionality at a reasonable price,” said Alec Brewer, CEO of Ourobio. With its suite of best-in-class tools, TeselaGen’s starter edition includes:

  • DNA sequence visualization and editing
  • Automated DNA assembly design
  • Integrated DNA ordering
  • Sample management and
  • Built-in inventory checking capabilities
TeselaGen Starter Edition inventory check tool to help early-stage biotech startups
TeselaGen Starter Edition inventory check tool

“TeselaGen has saved us countless hours throughout our DNA assembly design process and enabled us to perform high-throughput DNA library construction. In addition, their user interface is intuitive, and their customer support has been exceptional. We have been able to make it easy for us to train new team members and get them using the software productively,” added Kobe Rogers, COO of Ourobio.

“Our goal is to elevate biological R&D processes at every level, from promising early-stage startups to established, multinational companies,” says Eduardo Abeliuk, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of TeselaGen. “Our platform is scalable and is designed to support the growth of startups like Ourobio, shortening their go-to-market timeline.”

TeselaGen’s Starter Edition enables startups to focus on:

  • Rapid prototyping of ideas
  • Accelerating the research and development process from concept to completion.
  • Store and organize all of their data in a centralized location
  • Easily access comprehensive records of their research among other features.

“We are giving startups like Ourobio a powerful and versatile toolbox to advance their research and achieve their goals with efficiency. TeselaGen’s Starter Edition is meant to give growing startups the ability to focus on what they do best and let us help accelerate scalability,” said George McArthur, Ph.D., Senior Director of Experience at TeselaGen.

For more information about the TeselaGen and the Starter Edition, please visit https://teselagen.com/teselagen-starter-edition

About Teselagen Biotechnology Inc.

TeselaGen is building an artificial intelligence-powered enterprise platform for designing, building, testing, and optimizing biological systems. TeselaGen’s cloud-based platform bridges the gap between good ideas and the realization of valuable products like vaccines, biologic medicines, and sustainably sourced chemicals. TeselaGen is privately held and is based in the software hub of Silicon Valley, CA. The company has received early recognition in the form of four US National Science Foundation funding awards, a US Department of Energy funding award, CORFO awards, and a Bio-IT World Best Practices Award. TeselaGen uses its proprietary Synthetic Evolution® technology for efficient rapid prototyping and editing of recombinant molecules. Follow TeselaGen on Twitter and LinkedIn and learn more at teselagen.com.

About Ourobio

Ourobio is a young synthetic biology and circular economy company. We work with manufacturers to convert their waste streams into bio-based petrochemical alternatives to reintroduce into their supply chains. Our proprietary fermentation technology produces complementary biodegradable plastics and additives simultaneously to help differentiate our brand and create more efficient supply chains. Ourobio has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency, Plug & Play, The Heritage Group, MassChallenge and several industry trade organizations for our work so far. Follow Ourobio on LinkedIn or check out our site to learn more about our work and investment opportunities.