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TeselaGen Biotechnology: Radically Accelerating Therapeutics Product Development In Over A $600 Billion Market

TeselaGen is reshaping biotech R&D, streamlining therapeutics development in a vast market. CEO Eduardo Abeliuk reveals how their AI platform is speeding the DBTL cycle, transforming biotech from a Stanford-born idea to a global innovator. TeselaGen’s journey exemplifies the fusion of technology and biology, pushing the industry towards faster, more efficient research and product development.

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TeselaGen Receives Two New Patents for Using Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Biotech Product Development

TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc. announces the acquisition of two AI-driven patents, enhancing its biotech R&D platform. These patents focus on optimizing biological phenotypes, reinforcing TeselaGen’s role in advancing biotech with AI. CEO Eduardo Abeliuk hails this as a crucial step for the company, emphasizing the potential to hasten commercial success. TeselaGen’s AI methods aim to shorten product development cycles across various biotech applications, promising a new era of accelerated discovery and precision medicine.

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TeselaGen, JBEI Renew Biomanufacturing Partnership

TeselaGen Biotechnology and the Department of Energy’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have renewed their partnership with a five-year contract to advance biofuels and bioproducts research. TeselaGen’s AI-powered platform aids in developing renewable biofuels from nonfood plant fibers. This extended collaboration will focus on enhancing workflow capabilities and furthering sustainable biological production. TeselaGen continues to foster multiple partnerships, contributing to the growth of the U.S. bioeconomy.

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Software for CDMOs

TeselaGen’s AI-powered platform enables biotech innovation to happen faster and at scale

In the heart of Miami’s tech revolution, a remarkable force is reshaping the landscape – TeselaGen. This cutting-edge startup, led by founder and CEO Eduardo Abeliuk, is at the forefront of AI-driven biotech innovation. With a platform designed to empower biotech R&D professionals, TeselaGen is propelling research to new heights of speed and scalability, regardless of the specific field – from agritech to gene therapy. Their mission is clear: to democratize access to advanced scientific tools and algorithms, with the ultimate goal of making TeselaGen a household name in the world of biology within the next five years.

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On Biotech Engineering and AI: a Conversation with TeselaGen’s CEO, Eduardo Abeliuk

Navigating the dynamic intersection of biology and data science, Eduardo Abeliuk, the CEO of TeselaGen Biotechnology, invites us on a journey through his career and his company’s role in the biotechnology industry. Abeliuk’s roots in computational biology research at Stanford University and his rich background as a founder, advisor, board member, and investor have collectively sculpted the robust ethos of TeselaGen.

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Eduardo Abeliuk Of Teselagen On The Future Of Artificial Intelligence: An Interview With David Leichner

Dr. Eduardo Abeliuk is a U.S. based entrepreneur and technologist with over twenty years of experience driving technology development and innovation at various high-tech companies in the US. He is currently the Chairman and CEO at TeselaGen Biotech., a Silicon Valley based company that works at the interface between Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Software.

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