AI-Enabled Design-and-Test platform speeds bioproduct development

Picture of TeselaGen Team

TeselaGen Team

Protein Optimization

TeselaGen Biotechnology (San Francisco, Calif.; has developed a platform technology that integrates software and services, while taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) by applying machine-learning algorithms to reduce the costs and time required for the development of biologically derived products. “Among the main challenges in biotechnology is that developing bioproducts can take years and cost millions of dollars,” says Eduardo Abeliuk, CEO of TeselaGen. “We think of ourselves as an operating system for biotech that allows the end-to-end integration of different AI-enabled software modules with other product development services.” As an analogy, Abeliuk likens the way his company’s platform works to facilitate the interface with outside biotechnology vendor systems and devices, to computer software operating systems that allow desktop computers to communicate with external computer networks and device drivers. The TeselaGen platform first helps research and development scientists design combinatorial libraries of desired molecules, such as DNA and pathway assemblies – genes encoding enzymes to carry out specific reactions, and DNA sequences to regulate expression. 

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