TeselaGen and NinthBio Partner to Empower Users with Advanced DNA Variant Library Construction; Announcing Homology Path Design Algorithm Integration to Speed BioTech Development

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The cutting-edge software integration enables researchers to design oligo assembly reactions, automate the reaction setup, order the needed DNA, and integrate with lab automation, all within a single platform

PORTOLA VALLEY, Calif., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc., pioneer in AI-enabled Operating Systems for Biotechnology R&D and Manufacturing announces a strategic partnership with NinthBio LLC, the visionary Smart DNA Assembly Technology company. In a technical milestone, NinthBio’s cutting-edge Homology Path design algorithm now integrates with TeselaGen’s powerful software platform. This integration empowers researchers to accelerate their research by seamlessly enabling users to design and build DNA constructs more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources, all through a single platform.

By combining NinthBio’s Homology Path algorithm with TeselaGen’s comprehensive suite of tools, users can rapidly construct DNA variant libraries at a high throughput. The integration allows R&D teams in biotechnology to accelerate scientific discoveries and streamline their DNA assembly processes via advanced design algorithms to unlock new biotech applications enabled by protein engineering.

“By partnering with NinthBio, we empower researchers, innovators, and visionaries to unlock the full potential of biotechnology, speeding unprecedented advancements and shaping a future of limitless possibilities,” said Eduardo Abeliuk, Ph.D., CEO of TeselaGen.

In the past, research groups outsourced the generation of their variant libraries because they lacked an efficient way to build them in-house. Now, users can seamlessly access Homology Path to quickly design oligo assembly reactions. Likewise, researchers who currently use Homology Path can lean on TeselaGen’s software to execute these reactions, including inventory management, oligo ordering, sample tracking and automated generation of worklists for liquid handling robots.

“By integrating NinthBio’s groundbreaking Homology Path design algorithm with TeselaGen’s innovative software platform, we are revolutionizing the way researchers approach DNA variant library construction,” states Steve Riedmuller, CEO of NinthBio.

This collaboration represents a significant step forward in advancing the field of biotechnology and reinforces both TeselaGen and NinthBio’s commitment to empowering scientists and innovators with cutting-edge tools and technologies.

“This joint effort aims to revolutionize the way DNA libraries are constructed and expedite breakthroughs in fields such as drug discovery, sustainable agriculture, and industrial biotechnology,” continues Abeliuk.

NinthBio and Teselagen will showcase their new integration at the SynBioBeta Conference, May 23-25 in Oakland, California. Conference attendees can view a demonstration of the integration and meet the team at Booth #58.

For more information about this integration or to learn more about how to build variant libraries faster and cheaper than outsourcing them, check out www.teselagen.com/integrations

About Teselagen Biotechnology Inc.

TeselaGen is building an artificial intelligence-powered enterprise platform for designing, building, testing, and optimizing biological systems. TeselaGen’s cloud-based platform bridges the gap between good ideas and the realization of valuable products like vaccines, biologic medicines, and sustainably sourced chemicals.

TeselaGen is privately held and is based in the software hub of Silicon Valley, CA. The company has received early recognition in the form of four US National Science Foundation funding awards, a US Department of Energy funding award, CORFO awards, and a Bio-IT World Best Practices Award. TeselaGen uses its proprietary Synthetic Evolution® technology for efficient rapid prototyping and editing of recombinant molecules. Follow TeselaGen on Twitter and LinkedIn and learn more at teselagen.com.

About NinthBio LLC

NinthBio LLC is a biotechnology company specializing in innovative software for efficient, cost-effective DNA assembly and synthesis. Our proprietary Homology Path (HP) software optimizes oligo design, reducing materials cost and time while maximizing reuse of source material. Applications include DNA synthesis, scanning libraries, antibody optimization, protein engineering, and more. NinthBio’s groundbreaking solutions revolutionize the biotech industry by significantly reducing costs and accelerating project turnaround times.