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We’ve got zooming baby!

This is a long awaited feature that is helpful for many reasons when doing DNA Design and should be a standard of any modern Plasmid Viewer/Editor.

The desire to implement a circular view zoom has actually been on our issue tracker since 2018:

I’d actually tried several times to implement this feature for open-vector-editor, 3 and 2 years ago:

Both of those attempts made decent progress but were hampered by one thing or another. Here are a few things that made this a difficult feature to implement

– Originally each annotation on the circular view was handling a lot of its own drawing logic (I ended up refactoring this over several years so now most of the important drawing logic is shared)

– Inline labels weren’t yet supported for the circular view (I added this on as a feature right before this last attempt)

– Too many other things in the editor were being actively worked on to make a change this large (This latest attempt required a focused month-long drive to complete it)

– There was a lot to figure out and get working correctly (This attempt actually piggy-backed off some of the work from both of the earlier attempts. Not having to start from 0 knowledge was a big help, I’d tried to do this before)

Here’s what the feature looks like now:

Please try it out here yourselves.

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