Welcome to Teselagen Bytes!

Picture of Eduardo Abeliuk

Eduardo Abeliuk

Co-founder and CEO, TeselaGen

Did you know that biotech companies spend north of $2 billion dollars to get a single drug to market? You probably did. Because if you’re here, you’ve likely already experienced how difficult it can be – and how long it can take – to move a brilliant idea from the back of a napkin and onto the shelf, be it a biotech drug, a green detergent or a pest-resistant crop.  You know the challenges of sharing your data, and the frustrations of time-consuming manual workflows and error-prone experiments. 

And, you likely already know about TeselaGen®, the first artificial intelligence-enabled operating system for biotechnology.  We developed TeselaGen to make scientific research easier, to make your jobs easier. And to make research faster, so that innovative companies can get products out the door more quickly and with less money. 

We’re in this together. 

So, today we’re introducing the TeselaGen Bytes! – our blog. We’ll be here to help you out – to give you tips on using TeselaGen, to share our insights on the biotech industry, and, to be truthful, to tell you about all of the cool stuff we’re doing with our partners. Because we’re pretty proud of it. We have the fortune every day to work with some of the brightest minds in the world, from Fortune 50 companies to the rising stars of biotech. Their innovations astound us, and we hope you’ll find inspiration in some of their work. 

We’ll also be telling you more about us, the people behind TeselaGen. From our offices in San Francisco we’re working constantly to evolve TeselaGen, and we’re growing fast. We want to get to know you, too. So, drop us a line.  Tell us what you’re doing with TeselaGen and ask us your questions.