Are you looking for tools to help you easily design primers for your PCRs? Let the TeselaGen Design module do it automatically for you!

Primer design and much more! From DNA to protein design, to the most advanced large scale combinatorial and hierarchical designs that use state-of-art synthetic biology approaches for product development, our design tools help you design complex libraries that can get built quickly in the lab.

Automate your primer design and protocol generation.

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Primer Designing and Tm Calculation

The TeselaGen proprietary gene-assembly software automatically designs your PCR primers and calculates their Tm value (melting temperature) in the Community Edition and you don’t need to use a separate software or platform.

DNA and Protein Sequences

It all starts with DNA. TeselaGen has built the DESIGN module from the ground up to handle everything from 100% accurate traditional cloning tasks for individual researchers, to the most advanced large scale combinatorial and hierarchical DNA designs for industrial biotech and biopharma companies that use state-of-art synthetic biology approaches for product development. Because we help you design digitally, you have all the information you need to build your modified cells either by hand or via direct hand-off to automation.

Powerful Design Editor

Design simple constructs, combinatorial libraries, or hierarchical designs. The hierarchical capability is particularly useful for some DNA assembly strategies (such as MoClo). Users who build very long pieces of scarless DNA or construct gene stacks will find the streamlined interface a convenient and reproducible way to break down very long target designs into buildable submodules. Share different entities (e.g. parts, designs and projects) with colleagues.

“Automated biological design is an essential foundation for our carbon recycling technology and TeselaGen has a reliable platform for modern industrial DNA design and cloning.”
Michael Koepke
Dr. Michael Köpke
Vice President Synthetic Biology, LanzaTech

Intuitive Vector Editor

With our modern vector editor you can visually edit and annotate DNA and protein sequences, create reusable design parts based of sequences and manage restriction enzymes and visualize their cut sites.

Modern DNA Assembly Protocols

Our platform supports modern DNA assembly protocols such as Gibson, Golden Gate, MoClo, USER, PCR, and others. The interface automatically adds validation to ensure that parts are sourced with the appropriate flanking digest sites, if necessary. Automatically generate build instructions optimized for cost and speed. Get automated DNA assembly warnings and errors.

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