The Artificial Intelligence enabled Operating System for Biotechnology.

Reduce cost and time to market.

Our AI-enabled Enterprise Platform radically accelerates product development of therapeutics, high value chemicals, and agricultural products.

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Shorten your time to market

From food to pharmaceuticals, from fuels to fabrics, shorten your time to market by harnessing the full power of artificial intelligence enabled by a high-throughput LIMS.

Start-to-Finish Solution

A single platform for design, construction, data gathering and analysis

Smooth Compatibility

Modular architecture offers multiple 3rd party integration points


Empower scientists to collaborate across different projects

Secure and Scalable

Compliant with ISO 27001 on network security, data encryption, and availability


Design high throughput, high content experiments naturally suited to machine learning and bring them to fruition fast using our easy to use but powerful design tools and software for biotechnology suite.


Bring your ideas to life. You shouldn’t be spending time adapting to your product development workflow, let us adapt it to you. Easily automate, manage and track what’s happening. Check this case study where we helped Arzeda™ integrate with Twist™ and LabCyte


A clean, well lighted place for data. Acquire data from all your sources and bring it together, transformed and ready for analysis. 

No need to worry about different formats and units. TeselaGen’s easy to use parsing and reformatting makes standardizing data fast and scalable.


TeselaGen is powered by the Synthetic Evolution® machine learning engine.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform understands your data and helps you converge 10x faster.

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