Mind to Molecule™

Recent advances in multiple restriction site free (MCS-free) cloning technologies by scientists working in synthetic biology have opened new opportunities for instruction, basic research, and industrial biotechnology. These advances are being made in response to the increasing demand for large-scale DNA assemblies, up to and including entire genomes. At TeselaGen, we have developed a bioCAD/CAM rapid prototyping system for biology we call Mind to Molecule™. We are also building a system for rapidly and cost-effectively evolving biological systems we call Synthetic Evolution™. Overall, our mission is to provide a design-build-test-learn platform for engineering, evolving and optimizing different biological systems and molecules, meeting our customer’s need with a well managed, scalable, and secure enterprise software infrastructure.

Platform Overview

TeselaGen provides a revolutionary DNA design and assembly protocol generation service decoupling DNA design from any underlying assembly method, providing the most advanced Bio CAD/CAM system available. Taking full advantage of both in-house DNA constructs and the rapidly falling cost of de novo DNA synthesis, TeselaGen optimizes across a broad range of modern assembly techniques to produce fully scar-less DNA sequence assembly instructions ready for use at the bench or via automation. This approach releases the biologist from the major time, cost, and functionality limitations of traditional cloning to not only deliver the best overall assembly protocol, but to also create DNA constructs that may not be achievable by any other means. With TeselaGen’s proprietary technology, these advances are now available for biologists at all levels of expertise who wish to assemble DNA simply, reliably, inexpensively, and with high fidelity.

Forward Design

TeselaGen is the only scar-less DNA design and assembly system that can automatically and comprehensively construct and manage the combinatorial libraries required to implement modern screening and directed evolution efforts. TeselaGen allows for the incremental accumulation and application of design rules to automatically eliminate known dead end constructs as new biological knowledge is acquired – essential for success when working with combinatorial libraries with millions of constructs. With protocol optimization built in, TeselaGen automatically identifies assembly incompatibilities and suggests workarounds.

Scarless Assembly

With TeselaGen, biologists always produce scar-less DNA allowing for the accumulation and reuse of intermediate constructs during DNA construction. Because the introduction of uncontrolled scar sequences can easily impact DNA efficacy, TeselaGen releases the biologist from the impact of scar sequences providing high fidelity, scar-less assembly.

Optimization and Automation

Using modern standardized techniques, employing the exact same reagents at every step, TeselaGen allows many pieces of DNA to be assembled at the same time in the same reaction allowing multiple assembly steps to be chained without limit. TeselaGen’s modern techniques are sequence independent and its design processes and algorithms are completely independent of the DNA being constructed. As a result, TeselaGen is extremely scalable, allowing biologists to pursue unrelated DNA construction projects together in parallel on the same robotic platform at the same time.

Research and Development

TeselaGen provides information as well as research and development services for biological and bioengineering platforms.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the most powerful features of TeselaGen is its ability to cost-optimize DNA assembly. Because TeselaGen fully leverages all available synthesis routes, including DNA synthesis as well as available in-house constructs, it can optimize the DNA assembly method to achieve the lowest possible cost.