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How a design-build software firm could lead to a coronavirus vaccine

If an Australian lab funded from Norway succeeds in developing a potential vaccine against the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China, a small San Francisco DNA design-build software company will have played a big role. Sixteen-employee TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc. has worked for much of its nine years to use the genetic code for the protein jacket surrounding viruses to create viral shells that look, walk and talk like viruses — provoking the body’s immune system to respond. But a TeselaGen-designed shell is empty, so it doesn’t carry the instructions that viruses need to replicate inside humans. Amid coronavirus Covid-19’s spread, TeselaGen’s

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Arzeda leverages scalable Synthetic Biology resources to drive computational protein design platform

Arzeda, the Protein Design CompanyTM, Twist Bioscience Corporation, TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc. and Labcyte Inc. have partnered to build a state-of-the-art DNA assembly platform to significantly reduce the time and cost required to build genes encoding Arzeda’s designed proteins. (…)
“The platform we are building with Arzeda significantly accelerates workflows by optimizing information flow. It has been an exciting collaboration that continues to expand as we move downstream into the TEST and EVOLVE modules for analytic data acquisition and analysis,” said Michael Fero, Ph.D., CEO of TeselaGen.

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