LanzaTech and TeselaGen Biotechnology Sign New Multi-Year Deal to Advance Carbon Remediation via Biological Processes

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TeselaGen Team

Lanzatech and TeselaGen Press Release Synthetic Biology

LanzaTech and TeselaGen ink new 5-year deal to reduce the human carbon footprint using synthetic biology, extending their relationship through 2025

SAN FRANCISCO AND CHICAGO (PRWEB) DECEMBER 21, 2020 – Today, LanzaTech announced the signing of a new multi-year contract with TeselaGen Biotechnology, extending their relationship through 2025. The two companies have been collaborating since 2016 on the informatics behind high-throughput synthetic biology workflows. Over that time, LanzaTech has continued to experience rapid growth, showing the feasibility to synthesize more than 100 different molecules using its carbon-eating bacteria, and demonstrating the need for a significant scaleup of its R&D operations.

“Designing and optimizing biology is not easy, and we are in a race to recycle more carbon before it is too late. This collaboration with TeselaGen will extend our capabilities and help us achieve our goals”, said Dr. Sean Simpson Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder at LanzaTech. “TeselaGen has developed one of the most advanced cloud-based solutions for designing, building, and optimizing complex biological workflows and products. We are enthusiastic about extending our collaboration with the TeselaGen team”, added Dr. Michael Köpke, Vice President Synthetic Biology at LanzaTech.

“LanzaTech has developed unique wet-lab capabilities, as well as some advanced bioinformatic solutions tailored for optimizing their anaerobic microbes. With input from LanzaTech, we have developed an operating system for biotechnology that can interoperate with existing infrastructure and services, facilitating the flow of information across various services, biotech vendors, external databases, algorithms, and automated equipment. This helps LanzaTech keep tight control of their biological design automation process, from start to finish. We want to enable the biotech industry to iterate faster, helping it reduce costs and time-to-market”, said Dr. Eduardo Abeliuk, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of TeselaGen.

“The ability to economically recycle poisonous greenhouse gas like carbon oxides into valuable products via a biological process is an amazing achievement. We are excited to continue helping this very talented team at LanzaTech push the limits of what’s possible through Synthetic Biology,” added Michael Fero, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of TeselaGen. “In particular, we look forward to bringing our recently published iterative machine learning approach to the task of making LanzaTech’s microbes even more efficient,” he added.

About LanzaTech

Carbon recycling company, LanzaTech is a global leader in gas fermentation, making sustainable fuels and chemicals via biological conversion of waste carbon emissions, including industrial off-gases; syngas generated from any biomass resource (e.g., municipal solid waste), organic industrial waste, agricultural waste); and reformed biogas. LanzaTech’s expertise in fermentation scale-up, reactor design, machine learning, and synthetic biology has enabled the company to commercialize its recycling process and demonstrate the production of over 100 different chemicals. With global investors and partners, LanzaTech has a pipeline of commercial projects around the world and is working across the supply chain to provide novel circular solutions to mitigate carbon by producing consumer goods that would otherwise come from fresh fossil resources.
Founded in New Zealand, LanzaTech is based in Illinois, USA, and employs more than 170 people, with locations in China, India, and Europe. Further information is available at

About TeselaGen

TeselaGen is building an artificial intelligence-enabled operating system for biotechnology. TeselaGen’s cloud-based solution bridges the gaps between biologists who are designing valuable products – like vaccines, biologic medicines, and sustainably sourced chemicals – lab technicians who are running and optimizing experimental workflows, and bioinformaticians who analyze experimental data and have to recommend new experiments. TeselaGen is privately held and is based in San Francisco, CA. The company has received early recognition in the form of various US National Science Foundation funding awards, a CORFO award, and a Bio-IT World Best Practices Award. TeselaGen uses its proprietary Synthetic Evolution® technology to help companies efficiently design and optimize biological products. Follow @teselagen on Twitter and learn more at