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LanzaTech and TeselaGen Sign Deal to use Artificial Intelligence to further the Sustainable BioEconomy
JANUARY 23, 2018
LanzaTech will license TeselaGen’s proprietary cloud-based informatics solution and will collaborate closely with TeselaGen, extending its state-of-the-art biological design platform to include artificial intelligence capabilities that speed up the design process.
Arzeda and TeselaGen Partner to Advance Biodesign Technologies for Industrial Biotechnology
OCTOBER 4, 2017
Arzeda and TeselaGen announced that Arzeda will license TeselaGen’s proprietary cloud-based informatics solution and collaborate to extend TeselaGen’s state-of-the-art biological design automation platform.
DOW AgroSciences and TeselaGen Expanding Advanced Biodesign Platform for Agriculture
AUGUST 28, 2017
Innovative use of molecular design technology is essential for discovering and developing new agricultural products at a faster pace. Today, TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc., and Dow AgroSciences, LLC (NYSE: DOW), announced they have entered a new phase in their collaboration to produce a state-of-the-art biological design automation platform that can speed discovery work.
DOE Renews Funding for Joint BioEnergy Institute at Berkeley Lab
JULY 17, 2017
JBEI was selected as one of four DOE Bioenergy Research Centers (BRCs) to receive funding in support of innovative research on biofuels and bioproducts. JBEI receives additional support from the California Energy Commission, TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc., and the Heising-Simons Foundation.
TeselaGen Receives $500,000 Award for Gene Editing and Engineering Software
FEBRUARY 7, 2017
TeselaGen has received a $500,000 matching grant to further develop its enterprise software platform for gene editing and engineering.
Takara Bio USA, Inc. And TeselaGen Biotechnology, Inc. Release A Powerful New Primer Tool For Easy Design Of In-Fusion Cloning Experiments
JANUARY 24, 2017
The In-Fusion Cloning Primer Design Tool, powered by TeselaGen, generates primer sequences and vector maps.
Dow AgroSciences And TeselaGen Advance BioDesign Technologies For Agriculture
APRIL 6, 2016
Using the power of nature in conjunction with advanced technology and informatics to produce and develop solutions for farmers is essential to advance agriculture. Today, TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc., and Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), announced they have entered into a collaboration to produce a state-of-the-art biological design automation platform that can speed discovery work.
TeselaGen Receives NSF SBIR Award
OCTOBER 1, 2014
TeselaGen has received a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to expand its computer aided design platform for building and modifying DNA with synthetic biology techniques. The Small Business Innovation Research Phase II grant will be used to further commercialize the "j5" technology under exclusive license from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
TechCrunch: TeselaGen Is Building A Platform For Rapid Prototyping In Synthetic Biology
MARCH 10, 2014
“Our vision is about closing the design-build-test-and-evolve loop,” said CEO Mike Fero, who was a researcher at Stanford focusing on protein localization and who was previously a vice president at a computational genomics company called Neomorphics that was sold to Affymetrix in 2000. “We want to shorten the time frame it takes to get your DNA built and run more experiments.”
Motley Fool: How Designer Microbes And The Organism Industry Will Reshape Our World
MARCH 2, 2014
TeselaGen featured in article detailing the latest in synthetic biology tools and methods.
TeselaGen Wins Bio-IT World's 2013 Best Practices Award
OCTOBER 22, 2013
"There are plenty of plaudits for organizations in the life sciences that change the industry’s conceptions of what is possible, but one purpose of the Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards is to highlight those who refine those achievements until the merely possible becomes truly practical. That is why Bio-IT World was pleased to award an honorable mention at the 2013 Best Practices Awards to TeselaGen Biotechnology, a startup that spun out from the Berkeley Lab’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) in 2011, and Amgen for the development of TeselaGen: j5, an automated platform for designing DNA assembly protocols. This new, cloud-based platform allows even small institutions to quickly find the most cost-effective protocols for assembling scarless, multipart DNA."
Redbiotec And TeselaGen To Partner On Herpesvirus Vaccine Library
AUGUST 28, 2013
Redbiotec and TeselaGen have announced a joint venture to build a scalable, integrated, rapid design and rapid prototyping infrastructure for the creation of a library for Herpesvirus vaccine development. This library will enable new concepts for vaccines against Herpesviruses and will enable the optimization and improvement of new and existing vaccine candidates.
Genomatica Licenses TeselaGen Software For DNA Design
JULY 9, 2013
Genomatica and TeselaGen have signed a multi-year agreement to license TeselaGen’s software, which uses synthetic biology approaches to build and modify DNA. The two companies also will work together to enhance TeselaGen’s software to meet Genomatica’s objectives.

By using TeselaGen’s technology, Genomatica expects to accelerate development of its proprietary organisms. These organisms are an important part of the overall process technology that Genomatica delivers to its licensees for the production of major chemicals from renewable feedstocks. TeselaGen’s software provides an advanced biological computer aided design and manufacture system, with automated DNA design and assembly protocol generation.
TeselaGen Wins A Second NSF SBIR Award
DECEMBER 29, 2012
TeselaGen Biotechnology has secured a second National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation and Research grant to pursue "Directed DNA Synthesis and Assembly". The grant is focused on the "Build" aspect of TeselaGen's four-step approach to software for synthetic biology, encompassing a "Design, Build, Test, and Evolve" methodology.
How To Code A Life
NOVEMBER 19, 2012
TeselaGen featured in article detailing how new synthetic biology tools are accelerating genetic engineering.
TeselaGen To Accelerate Biotech Industry With J5
OCTOBER 1, 2012
TeselaGen has secured an exclusive license in all fields of use for the "j5" gene assembly software from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory . TeselaGen prevailed with the strongest proposal to promote and leverage the j5 technology for their rapid prototyping system for synthetic biology. Based on the idea that a forward engineering approach needs to incorporate the utility of both biology and engineering in the quest for easier and faster ways to build biomolecules, TeselaGen is expecting the j5 technology to play an important role in its software as a service offering. The j5 software package, which has attracted users from more than 250 institutions worldwide since it was made available last year, emerged from the Joint BioEnergy Institute, a Department of Energy research center established in 2007 to pursue breakthroughs in the production of cellulosic biofuels. By building on j5 and adding modules for commercial users, TeselaGen Biotechnology, says it will significantly reduce the time and cost involved with DNA synthesis and cloning, a multibillion-dollar market.
TeselaGen Wins NSF SBIR Award
JULY 1, 2012
TeselaGen Biotechnology has secured a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation and Research grant to pursue "A Synthetic Biology Design-Build-Test Platform for Automated Combinatorial DNA Assembly". The grant focuses on the first part of TeselaGen's Design, Build, Test, Evolve approach to biomolecule design. According to TeselaGen CEO Michael Fero "We decided to put the design principles of Synthetic Biology to the test, building our software framework along lines that model the forward engineering approach, while not ignoring the special ability of biological systems to design themselves through evolutionary mechanisms"