Test Module

All too often, data is scattered and isolated in places that make it hard to find and difficult to use. Our system provides a connected resource that acquires data from analytic and monitoring equipment and brings it together, links it to your design-build process, transforms it and makes it ready for analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning.

Test Module

Data standarization with the Test Module

The platform provides a single repository of data and a set of unified workflows for data input which facilitate standardized data collection and storage Access to all the data pertaining to experiments in the form of standardized output files and a RESTful API in order to access data programmatically.

Injest and organize your datasets

Automatically validate the datasets that are being imported, and generate the corresponding warnings or error messages. Create your own assay types, descriptors, measurement types and units, if needed.

“Like many other companies developing specialty chemicals, we struggle with disconnected data that is in disparate formats and difficult to analyze, particularly as we scale up. TeselaGen’s expertise and experience working with companies to optimize their scale-up make the company an ideal partner.”
Vikram Pandit, CEO, Phycus Biotechnologies
Vikram Pandit
CEO, Phycus Biotechnologies

Data visualization

Visualize your data with our plotting tool without the need to export your data and visualize it using other tools. Choose which assay entries to plot, including specific assay subjects, measurements and/or dimensions.

Customize your schema and data parsers

Create custom parsers for easily importing files from any analytical equipment. Share and reuse your data import parsers over and over again to import  your favorite datasets (e.g., metabolite concentrations, protein expression levels, oxygen input rates, etc).


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