Unlocking the Gene-ius of AI-Powered Biology: Teselagen’s Eduardo Abeliuk

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TeselaGen Team


Karl and Erum interview Eduardo Abeliuk, CEO and co-founder of Teselagen. Teselagen is a software-based automation platform for the biotech industry. Eduardo shares his background in computational biology and how it led him to create Teselagen. He explains how the platform helps biologists and engineers streamline the design, build, test, and learn cycle of biotech R&D. He also discusses the potential of AI in biotechnology and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Eduardo showcases his admiration for LanzaTech, a company using synthetic biology to convert waste gasses into sustainable fuels and chemicals. He concludes by highlighting the role of automation and AI in accelerating biotechnology and the future possibilities of decentralized systems in biotech.

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Topics Covered

  • 00:00:00 Intersecting Worlds: Merging Science, Drama, Politics, and Passion
  • 00:03:16 The Biotech Revolution: Emphasizing the Role of Lab-grown Meat in Environment Conservation
  • 00:05:30 Innovative Quest: Exploring Adaptive Materials in Clothing
  • 00:12:57 Harmony in Biotech: Balancing Computation and Laboratory Endeavors
  • 00:15:29 Exploiting Latent Opportunities: Enhancing Organism Design with Automated Tools
  • 00:22:28 Packaged Modules Appreciation: Enthusiasm for Startup Collaboration
  • 00:28:27 Architecting the Future: Constructing a Cloud-Based Infrastructure for Biotech
  • 00:31:29 Remote Resilience: The New Normal in Biotechnology
  • 00:35:07 Driving Change in Biotech: Democratization and Collaboration
  • 00:38:14 Biotech Battlegrounds: Evaluating Synthetic Biology Platforms
  • 00:41:07 Modernizing Chip Design: Welcoming Electronic Design Automation
  • 00:43:24 Biotech Impact: The Pursuit of Consumer-Centric Solutions
  • 00:47:26 Unifying Strengths: Harnessing Convergence to Tackle Biotech Challenges
  • 00:49:47 AI Meets Biotech: Chat GPT’s Role in Cloud-Based Biotechnology

Source: Unlocking the Gene-ius of AI-Powered Biology: Teselagen’s Eduardo Abeliuk