TeselaGen Biotechnology Teams Up with iGEM to Advance Synthetic Biology in Developing Countries

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TeselaGen Biotechnology announced today that it has partnered with the iGEM Foundation to support the iGEM Design League, a new competition that aims to advance synthetic biology, starting with Latin America.


TeselaGen Biotechnology announced today that it has partnered with the iGEM Foundation to support the iGEM Design League, a new competition that aims to advance synthetic biology, starting with Latin America. As part of the collaboration, students will have access to the TeselaGen® operating system for biotechnology to design projects that solve critical local problems using synthetic biology.  

“The iGEM Design League, our newest program, is focused on the design step of the synthetic biology cycle as a framework for biology, and we are thrilled to be partnering with TeselaGen,” said Meagan Lizarazo Executive Vice President, iGEM Foundation. “TeselaGen is one of the most innovative start-ups in this space. By using TeselaGen’s Design & Build modules for building biological molecules, our students gain valuable experience with the most advanced digital tools available to design better projects faster.”

The iGEM Design League begins this year as a pilot program in Latin America to accelerate synthetic biology in the region and to contribute to the development of future biological engineers. The competition will consist of approximately 300-400 students primarily from universities spanning 8 countries in Latin America. The 25 teams will compete over the course of the year, with the finalist’s presentation live-streamed during the iGEM 2021 Giant Jamboree in November.

Along with providing access to its platform, TeselaGen will also be participating in educational portions of the iGEM Design League by hosting lectures and workshops on synthetic biology. “As part of the synthetic biology community and long-term supporters of iGEM, we are very pleased to collaborate on this new project,” said TeselaGen CEO Eduardo Abeliuk, Ph.D. “Latin America’s high-quality STEM college programs are contributing to a growing workforce of smart, enthusiastic scientists and engineers. This program is significant in that the students will have the opportunity to solve local problems in a real-world context by integrating design thinking and advanced computational tools, further enhancing their experience and hopefully contributing to the development of local innovations. This is how you develop talent and advance the bioeconomy.”

The International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation, better known as iGEM, began more than 17 years ago as an independent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing synthetic biology, education, and competition by developing an open and collaborative community. Approximately 3000 teams have participated in the iGEM competition, generating hundreds of prototypes of solutions to local and global problems in health, the environment, manufacturing, and more.

About TeselaGen Biotechnology
TeselaGen has developed the first artificial intelligence-enabled operating system for biotechnology, enabling scientific organizations to commercialize high-performance bioproducts – from pharmaceuticals to food to fabrics – faster and easier than ever. The TeselaGen® operating system connects biologists, lab technicians, and bioinformaticians so that they can collaboratively design and build experiments, organize and standardize data and then test and continually learn. TeselaGen has been deployed by Fortune 50 companies and emerging innovators in biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, and specialty chemicals. The company is privately held and based in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit https://www.teselagen.com

About iGEM
iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that pioneered the synthetic biology industry and continues to advance the field through education, competition, and industry collaboration. iGEM’s annual student competition is the largest synthetic biology innovation program and a launchpad for the industry’s most successful leaders and companies. The After iGEM program supports the competition’s 50,000+ participants in their future endeavors to continue to work toward a strong, responsible, and visionary synthetic biology industry. For more information, visit http://www.igem.org

Source: TeselaGen Biotechnology Teams Up with iGEM to Advance Synthetic Biology in Developing Countries

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