Advanced Biological Design Optimization: Are you DNA Centric or Protein Centric?

Picture of Eduardo Abeliuk

Eduardo Abeliuk

Co-founder and CEO, TeselaGen

TeselaGen has you covered with the release of our new Protein Optimization Toolkit!

Are you interested in biological design optimization? We’re super excited to release our Protein Optimization Toolkit specifically targeted to biotherapeutic and pharma drug design and development. Yes, it will help make designing and developing your products faster and less expensive. We’ve also made it easy to access all the new capabilities in the toolkit from the API and advanced system integration tools.

You can read the full press release, but here are some highlights:

  • The DESIGN module simplifies the design of highly complex combinatorial libraries and now supports amino acid parts that can be efficiently mapped to DNA. TeselaGen will automatically generate molecular biology protocols to efficiently synthesize and assemble the corresponding DNA.
  • Our artificial intelligence models can now recommend new peptides and proteins based on the training of supervised and unsupervised learning models. This is new with the DISCOVER module, which also now supports the modeling with non-proteinogenic amino acids and SMILES representations of chemical compounds as well as multi-criteria optimization of peptides and proteins. Users can upload and organize datasets in the platform, making them immediately useful for building and deploying models.
Biological Design Optimization
TeselaGen’s Discover Module now supports protein optimization